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Cecil's Core Principles Align With Democratic Party Values


Cecil will work for a free, quality public education for all children, one that values and encourages critical thinking and creativity


Texans need good jobs. Cecil will work to eliminate taxpayer subsidies for corporations who move jobs overseas. He will help grow the middle class by promoting entrepreneurship and consumer confidence.


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Cecil will work to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the state level. 

Women must have unencumbered access to all forms of healthcare, including birth control. Cecil supports a woman’s right to make unilateral, personal healthcare decisions about her body.


Free and fair elections are necessary to a healthy democracy. Cecil supports Automatic Voter Registration. He opposes election laws and practices imposed by any political group or party in order to gain political advantage at the ballot box.


Cecil values and respects immigrants who seek a better life. However, he recognizes the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform - humane reform that respects the principles upon which our country was founded, including family, freedom and a better future for children.


More than one-third of working families in Texas are defined as “low income,” and nearly half of Texas children live in these households. Cecil supports a raise in the minimum wage so that those working a full time job can adequately care for their families.


Cecil supports continued Texas leadership in the energy space as we transition to the alternative energy sources necessary for a safe and secure future. He will work for cutting-edge scientific innovation that creates real local jobs that allow greater energy independence and a healthier, sustainable planet.

Cecil respects the consensus among climate scientists and other specialists that human activity contributes significantly to recent catastrophic weather events. Urgent action is needed.


Cecil strongly opposes the use of eminent domain to deprive property owners of the possession, use, or the ability to control their property. He believes eminent domain should be used only for a compelling public purpose, and the law should not be abused for the purpose of benefitting a private business.

He will work to assure that property owners should be provided a hearing before an independent hearing officer in the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), with the right to appeal a SOAH finding to a local district judge.


Cecil supports the continuation and enhancement of veteran’s benefits, including post military training, medical healthcare, and disability compensation.

He supports educational benefits to fully cover the cost of a college degree and related housing expenses.

He supports the Texas Veterans Land Board, which enables veterans to purchase land and homes at favorable terms and interest rates. 

And he supports County Veteran Service offices that offer a variety of services to veterans.